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Louis Rijk Translations

Louis Rijk Vertalingen is a translation company which specializes in translating -mostly technical- German and English texts for the Dutch market. Since the start in 1995 we deliver translations to a still increasing group of loyal customers who, just like us, consider the following aspects to be of great importance:

  • consistency in terminology: because we work with modern translation tools you can be certain that the same term in your documents will always be translated identically; also when that term is used after a year or so is used again in your text
  • reliability: it is of nu use to make promises that we cannot keep; we do what we have promised you
  • clarity: before we start you get a clear indication of what you get and what that costs
  • flexibility: where possible we help you to streamline the translating process
  • cooperation: when both parties (you and us) work together and use each other's knowledge this will have only advantages: a translation that suits your needs, in the shortest time possible, at the lowest possible costs

General Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Information technology (hardware and software)
Software localisation
Website localisation